• Shorten trousers14.00
  • Shorten trousers – taped hem15.00
  • Shorten trousers – turn ups15.00
  • Lengthen with false hem15.00
  • Legs tapering22.00
  • Waist alteration14.00

DRESSES and SKIRTS from (£):

  • Shorten12.00
  • Shorten with lining18.00
  • Shorten with hand finish20.00
  • Lengthen with false hem15.00
  • Lift shoulders18.00
  • Take in / Let out15.00
  • Bridesmaid/prom shortening20.00

COATS and JACKETS from (£):

  • Shorten sleeves15.00
  • Shorten vent cuff20.00
  • Shorten length30.00
  • Take in / Let out20.00
  • Lift shoulders25.00

SHIRTS and BLOUSES from (£):

  • Shorten sleeves12.00
  • Shorten sleeves – vent cuff18.00
  • Shorten length14.00
  • Lift shoulders18.00

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are a guide and may vary dependant on the garments detailing and original construction.

BRIDAL, BRIDESMAIDS and EVENING WEAR - Please ask for a quote:
The construction and materials used in these garments varies, so that the time taken to alter these garments can vary significantly. Some of the variables will include the number of layers in a garment, the type of fabric, the structure of the garment as well as embellishments, such as lace, beads, sequins etc.