Bridal & Occasion

If your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, groomsman suit or anything in between needs tailoring, or remodelling then you have arrived in the right place. The Bobbin has lovingly tailored over a thousand wedding dresses since 1992 and feels honoured to have helped so many people feel their absolute best on their big days.

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Some questions you may have if you are a bride or groom…

When should I book in for my alterations?

You should book in for your alterations as soon as you have purchased your wedding dress, no matter how far in advance this may be. We take appointments over a year in advance so to avoid disappointment, we recommend booking as soon as possible.

What is the process, how long does it take?

We will make your first appointment for around 10 weeks before your wedding or travel date, this is when your dress will be pinned and measured for the first time. We can discuss in detail any ideas or requests you have and we will then be able to give you an idea of time scale and costings. This will probably be your longest appointment and we like to book out 45 minutes for you.

Dependant on the extent of work required on your dress, we will then book follow-up fittings (around 30 minutes) and or collection appointments (around 20 minutes) over the following 6 to 8 weeks. If you are restricted to weekends only, please keep a few Saturdays on the run up to your wedding available.

What should I bring to my appointments?

Please bring your dress, the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day and the underwear (or very similar) you will be wearing on your wedding day, this includes shapewear and stick-on bras.

Can I bring people to my appointments?

We allow a maximum of two guests to each of your appointments. We do not allow young children and babies to fittings as we need brides to feel relaxed, be able concentrate and enjoy the fitting experience.

I’m planning on changing shape before my wedding…

If you are hoping to lose or gain weight, or tone up your muscle before your wedding date, please aim for your plateau to begin around the date of your first fitting.

How much do your services cost?

Every bride is unique, and every dress is different. The way we alter the same dress on two different people can vary hugely depending on body shape, this is why we cannot give you a price until we have seen you in your dress in person.

All our alterations are individually charged accordingly. As a guide, prices can range anywhere between £30 and £300 per dress.

Can you alter my suit, bridesmaid dress or other wedding party outfit?

Yes! We can tailor everyone’s outfits, not just the brides! For Bridesmaids and mothers of groom/bride and guest outfits we do request a minimum of three week notice, where possible and recommend contacting us for appointments as soon as you have an event date.

Polite requests by us:

No drinks without fully closing lids to be brought into the fitting rooms please.

Our appointments often run back-to-back so it is essential you arrive promptly and ready to begin your appointment at your designated time to ensure you have the maximum time available. If you will be travelling a long distance, please allow enough time for bad traffic and to use the bathroom before your fitting.

Ensuring a garment fits you perfectly is not a one step process so flexibility will be required for follow-up and collection appointments. If you are restricted to Saturdays only, please keep a few available for the 10 weeks prior to your wedding.